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Co-create your Internet freedom at any age, with great minds.

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Build an Online Presence, Develop Internet Systems,  Monetize your Personal Monopoly, and Make Your first Dollar within the First Month.


Learn practical skills for the modern economy to achieve financial independence at any age. Take a step towards success - Enroll today!

Internet is a Massive Opportunity!


If you are not carving your space on it, you are missing out

Hey friends, my name is – Avneesh.


Like many of you, I spent years studying in the traditional education system and working in the corporate 9-5. What I did differently was that I started betting on the internet early.

Sometime around 2018, I stumbled upon a podcast from Naval Ravikant about “leverage”, which introduced me to a new kind of internet-based leverage that is available to all of us – the “Permissionless Leverage.”

This discovery was life-changing. Unknowingly, I found a way to combine the power of Permissionless Leverage and Automated Systems to gain true independence from the struggle of exchanging time for money. And the best part? These systems were automated, and ran 24×7, even while I was sleeping. 

That’s why I am launching Permissionless Academy – to bring the knowledge of the concepts, the systems, and the processes that helped me get on the permissionless path of time independence.

This stuff is gold. IMO colleges should be teaching this as a much needed 21st-century skill instead of pushing you on the path of a classic 9-5 job. They don’t so we are!  


With Permissionless Academy, you can fast-track your path to financial independence by launching yourself online and building systems around specific knowledge that you gained in your career so far. These systems then will work for you rather than you working for the system 24×7. 


Join me on this journey and start carving your own path to Becoming Permissionless today.

Jyoti Bhatti, India

This program has completely transformed my outlook on personal branding, online systems, & financial independence. This cohort is an investment in yourself that will pay off beyond measure.

Sandeep, San Francisco

The Permissionless course, led by Avneesh, was the roadmap I needed. It offered clear steps to build my brand and set up essential systems. This course is a must for anyone looking to make their mark online.

Nirmal, India

“Permissionless Academy cohort 1 was a game changer for me. It helped change my mindset to understand personal branding, today's internet and the age where content is magic”

Why are so many people trapped in 9-5?  

Fear of change? Lack of awareness? No guidance?

There are ways beyond the 9-5 working system that we are not aware of. Lack of guidance and fear of choosing the road less taken stops us from breaking free from this trap.

Agreed that our current working systems are good but are they great?

Around 80% of the workforce does not have online presence that leads them to create their own personal brand. They are stuck in a continuous 9-5 cycle, because the only way out of one cycle is getting into another. 

The key elements of the traditional education system have stayed the same for decades, while the working culture has taken a 360 degrees turn.

We all know of that one 30-year-old who has a job for around years and has no idea what to do ahead. Hence they end up accepting their fate of continuing a 9- job.

To be successful, you need to build wealth the smart way. 

There are dozen of things that will scare you even before you begin

And if you figure it out on your own, there will always be multiple things that you will keep juggling till the end of time. This will keep impacting your relationships, family and health, until you get tired one day and burn out of the process. There is a high chance that you will figure your way out. I did, but at what cost?


It took me 10 years of iterations & failed products, and more than a million dollars in spend & opportunity cost. This is true that there are thousands of resources out there teaching you how to do all of these things, but that will take you thousands of hours to learn, and thousands more to implement. The worst part of all, you might not see any results.

There is no magical way to build permissionless systems and create financial independence. 

However, our Permissionless Academy Cohort can guide you through it.

So how do you build a personal brand, create systems and also monetize without becoming crazy workhorse? ​


It all starts with systems thinking. If you can systemize and automate things around these blocks using proven frameworks, you’ll be able to create equivalent of "electronic robots" that continue  to work on your behalf. Even while you sleep.

What do I get when I enroll?

Obvious question! During the 5 weeks, we will have a combination of live online sessions, open live Q&As and working sessions, detailed individual feedback on your progress, exercises and tasks to help you give you a head start into the workforce. You will also have yourself linked to an exclusive community of fellow students.

  • Failproof systems to start earning you cash almost instantly.

  • Real-time system creation during the course for each individual. 

  • Incredible sessions and guest workshops.

  • Q&As and bonus material.

  • 1:1 personalized feedback on your progress.

  • Exceptional support from our incredible team.

  • Post-course assistance.

  • Community support. 

You’re going to be learning a huge amount of stuff. From generating ideas to building polished systems around them, there is going to be a lot of value creation. 

Let's have a detailed look into what these 5 weeks have in store for you.

Who this course isn't for

Our 5-week course probably isn’t a good fit for you if:

  • You decide to not put in the work with sincerity. It is one of the most important attributes to build the system.

  • You are in search of a miraculous potion that will build your systems for you. There are no hidden surprises here, it’s your personal brand to grow and no one but you can do it.

  • You wish to develop a system that becomes a money-printing machine overnight. This is not how this course works. There are no shortcuts or magic tricks for that matter.

  • You want a 100% guaranteed success program. Success and guarantees don’t work hand in hand. We will teach you the systems and processes that have worked for us and have a high probability that they will work for you too. Again, focus on high probability. If you are committed to the process, results will follow.

However, one thing that we can guarantee is that if you complete 5-weeks sincerely, build systems, follow through the process, and stay consistent, your life will change.


Our aim in this course is to help you build systems and pull you out of the traditional paths of working. If this is something you want for yourself, we would love to have you enrolled with us. 


But if this is not something you would like to pursue, it’s completely alright. There’s a door to success on every path and we wish you the best of luck. That said, feel free to reach out to us if you need a hand with anything!

Who this course is great for

No matter what your field of interest is, this course is an amazing fit for you if you are serious about building your personal brand and flourishing as a business. 

It’s a bit expensive but you will be thrilled to see it pay off within weeks.

If you want to build a system to become financially free, there is nothing better for you than this course. There is no barrier to stop you from entering and starting today.

This course will enable you to flex your creativity, push your boundaries, and boost your productivity. However, doing this will be expensive and backbreaking. 

But if you are committed to growing your online presence by means of your personal brand, we are here to help you build, grow, and succeed at this. We promise that you will get large amounts of value from the course. 

Here’s A Flavor Of What Permissionless Academy Offers

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This will not be a sales pitch, we will be helping you understand the cohort outline and offer clarity by answering your questions. We’ll be happy to help you know more about the course, and whether it’s right for you or not.

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